Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She said it best...

What an amazing experience we had. Fun in the sun on two wheels powered by our own two feet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moto Dreams

1966 Triumph Bonneville

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marathon Tapering Begins!

One 20'er down, one more +6 to go. Saturday was the climax of our marathon training with a 20 mile run. There is a somewhat well known route from Seattle to Woodinville via a paved bike/walk/run/rollerblade path to the Redhook Brewery. We put together a crew of 4 to do the entire run and 1 more runner met up with us for the last 3 miles. It was a long haul on a beautiful sunny, hot day. Everyone was in good spirits throughout the run and especially at the brewery as we washed away our sore bodies with a fresh beer and some lunch while basking in the sun. The longer the runs, the more mentally challenging they become. This has been the farthest I have run and believe another 6 miles on top of that is definitely doable, but will be tough.

The days ahead of us, until June 2, we are reducing the number of miles we run every week. I have been looking forward to this portion of the training for a long time now, basically since we started. It has been a long road, but we have survived with minimal injuries and both look forward to the race in Newport, OR. This race is on a Saturday, which we thoughtfully selected so that we could have the run completed and still have the rest of the weekend. We plan on driving up the OR coast and finding a B&B or VRBO near Cannon Beach to visit and soak up some of the laid back coastal life. Hopefully pondering future adventures looking at this view, maybe a sunset with a fire on the beach.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Marathon Training Begins

Yesterday I embarked on the first of many runs in preparation for a full on 26'er.
Although we are not sure exactly which one to run just yet, we are thinking of running in
Newport, OR (coatal)
Vancouver, BC (inner-city)
Winthrop, WA (mountainous, not the run though)

Keep me motivated!
VITAMIN-D, I needed it.

Maiden voyage for the 'new to me' vintage Titan's (skiis). I acquired them from a friends moving party recently. He was going to donate them to the Goodwill, instead he donated them to me! The boot fit pretty well, other than a small hot spot on my heels by the end of the day. The plans were to head up to Snoqualmie Pass and absorb as much Vitamin D as possible on the beautiful weekend that was foretasted for the Pacific Northwest!

We did just that. Rose in the morning, had a typical saturday breakfast (eggs sandwhich on a toasted english muffin with cheddar and a very tasty fake sausage) and were off with our cross country skiis on the roof. After a bit of a slow start and a few extra looks at the map, we were finally off with huge grins on our faces. The sun, the warmth, the snow, the adrenaline, the amount of smiles on peoples faces and the adventure ahead. I was hoping to make it to a hut a ways back, but after making it half way there on the green trail we were wondering if we had enough time.We gave it our best for the next hour on the intermediate trail and nearly made it to the hut. I really wanted to check it out and thus pushed on for another 20 minutes knowing it was going to be a much shorter trip back (hopefully). Jim Brooks Hut - Check.

We sheltered from the wind for a few minutes and then quickly headed back out into the sunny winter wonderland. I was so happy! In the woods, with my baby, in the sunny serene winterwonderland. The only thing that could have made it better is if we were going to spend the night out there.

The way down had a bit of nervousness looming above our heads. There were a lot of people on the trail and some of them were coming down very fast, with little room for error. I think it gave us both confidence and scared us for the up and coming trip down....

Down was fun! it may have taken a fall or two to get the hang of it, but it was really fun. Very different than downhill skiing. Once we completed the intermediate section we were pretty much on flat ground and still had some work to do to get back to the car. Another 30 minutes of 'nordic track-esque' movements and we could see the ski area. The car was near and we were hungry.

We headed on trail 17 along Keechelus Lake and then up the intermediate trail to the hut.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Trapeze - Check

So, a few months back Andrea and her friend went to a trapeze class and loved it. Andrea loved it so much, she wanted me to experience it and thus booked us a lesson. When we arrived we walked into the arena and there were ropes and swings and people doing tricks. It was pretty exciting knowing that we were about to be the ones doing such acrobatic tricks. Quickly we were put through what we were to accomplish and how that was going to happen. After several practice attempts, we had to have it just right in order to be caught by the other swinger, the time came to complete a catch and release trick.

I swung, I hung, I was caught and released.

Post adventure, as we were driving home, Andrea and I both agreed that we need fun things on the weekend nights. Our blood just seemed to be flowing with a bit more excitement that night. Swinging at heights and doing fun tricks is definitely a plus in my book.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moto Tribute

Let the good times roll...

I have mixed emotions as I just watched the new owner of my moto drive away. In the past year, since moving back to Seattle from the Olympic Peninsula, I have ridden my moto little, yet simply knowing that I had the moto downstairs in the parking garage was a good feeling. At a moments notice I was able to saddle up and cruize the neighborhood streets, highways, farmroads or seaside highways. The GZ250 gave me a sense of freedom and an exhilarating feeling while captaining the two wheeled motorcycle. I know that the new owner shall feel the same emotions and hope that I never forget the moments Andrea and myself had on the moto.

Peace be with you moto.